The Disabled Traveler's Companion
The Disabled Traveler's Comapanion



The Disabled Traveler's Companion will attempt to provide information on the following so you may have access to the items you may need while traveling or in case of an emergency. Please read the Pre-planning section also.  You will be able to locate this information under the Convention & Visitor Bureau for areas you will be traveling to.            

The Disabled Traveler's Companion may be providing information regarding pharmaceutical locations so you may obtain prescription refills or any other medical necessities you may need while traveling. 

Van lift and conversion companies in the area that you will be staying at may be listed.  When a company is needed for lift repairs, you may be able to locate one under the Convention & Visitor Bureau.


Wheelchair/Medical Supplies/Oxygen may also be provided so one can plan ahead for the necessary they will need upon arrival.  It is best to check with your local supplier first and listen to what they suggest.

Hospitals and Emergency Care Facilities may also be listed so one will know ahead of time what is available just in case there is an emergency.

Please send any suggestions to The Disabled Traveler's Companion such as locations or national phone numbers that may assist other travelers concerned with accessibility.    cms by Netsource One, Inc.