The Disabled Traveler's Companion


Logging History

 The viewing platform at the Log Slide was unfortunately destroyed in a storm. The park is working on restoring it, but the terrain makes it difficult to install a permanent structure. The trail condition is the same but now viewing must be done from the top of the dune, a 30 ft uphill walk through sand.

There is one parking space for the log slide and enough space for a wheelchair lift top be deployed.  The trail is very flat and has a natural canopy.  It's a good exercise but the end results are worth it.  There are informative stops along the way and a shed with artifacts from the logging days of yesteryear.  The ramp going to the platform has a slight incline but once on the platform the view is breathtaking.

At the opposite end of the parking lot there is a vault restroom that is wheelchair accessible.  Remember you are with nature and there are no sinks.  Take appropiate needs to wash your hands.









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