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Welcome to the Pictured Rocks Cruises Website. Discover natural wonders on the waters of Lake Superior. Bring your camera and join us on a breathtaking 2-1/2 to 3 hour cruise along Pictured Rocks National . The crystal clear blue-green waters of Lake Superior have created masterpieces of colors and rock formations found no where else in the world. For over 50 years Pictured Rocks Boat Cruises has provided thousands of visitors an unforgettable experience of seeing these incredible formations up close in comfort and safety. The 37 mile adventure passes points such as Lovers leap, Grand Portal, Miners Castle, Indian Head just to name a few, and are described with legend and lore by your captain. Our late afternoon and evening cruises will take you to Spray Falls. Your imagination will take flight as you enjoy the scenic wonders that surround you. The most popular way to see the rocks is riding on the Pictured Rocks Cruises.

The following is not medical advice but rather common sense suggestions:

  • Call to Pictured Rocks Cruises and get as much information as possible regarding the boat trips and length of time the cruises are.
  • Talk to your doctor about going on a cruise and any advice your doctor will have.  Watching your intake of fluids will matter.  By taking the time of the boat trip and adding on extra time should give you a total time period that you will not have need for a restroom.
  • Ask your doctor if any medications you are taking will cause an increase use of a restroom.  Coffee and other fluids may cause you to need a restroom so avoid these the day of.  Ask your doctor about diuretics and the length of time the cruise is and don't forget the time you leave your motel until the time you get off the boat and back for a total time frame.
  • Discuss with Pictured Rocks Cruises the specifications of a wheelchair.  Boat measurements will restrict the size of the wheelchair.
  • Motorized wheelchairs will not work.
  • Dress warm or take warm clothes with you.  Take a knit hat and gloves to be safe.....Lake Superior is a cold lake with cold winds.
  • Have people in your group that can assist in helping you board.
  • Call Pictured Rocks Cruises and ask about reserving a place on a boat.  They cannot guarantee access due to weather conditions and periodic repairs to the vessels upon your arrival.
  • A change in the environment from land to water may cause some people to have an increase in anxiety.







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