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Our Scrapbook

Rocky Mountain National Park with our kids and grandkids is an experience we will never forget.  As our family grew up we would take them camping in various places including national parks.  A campfire roasting marshmallows or cooking our food over an open fire with a tri-pod and cast iron pot.  The aroma of a campfire, nature, friendly campers next door, is an experience you can only get by traveling.  Today our kids go camping with our grandkids and we now occupy the nearest place of lodging but we still experience the campfire, marshmallows, camp food, and the smell of nature.  People with disabilities need to get out and experience the same whether it be camping or staying at a lodge.  No one can experience nature at its best unless it is camping, especially in a national park.  We could have waited at home for the photographs to be shown to us but to actually be there and experience it is a total different direction and this is what people with a disability need to do.  With proper planning and making sure your functional needs will be met, you too can enjoy the great outdoors and our national parks. 

This particular trip was to Rocky Mountain National Park and the kids and grandkids stayed at Longs Peak Campground which was about a 20 minute drive from Estes Park where we were staying.  Roger, our oldest son and his wife, Kim, along with their 2 sons Conrad and Cameron met us at Estes Park.  Josh, our other grandson drove with us out to Colorado.  The plan Roger put together was for Kim, Josh, and himself to climb Longs Peak while we watched Conrad and Cameron.  It was a 2 day climb up and Kim experienced leg cramps and had to wait at the campsite at Boulder Field while Roger and Josh completed the climb.  Below are a few photographs on Josh's climb.  The photographs will give you a rough idea on what Josh experienced and by us being there is an experience we would never have if we stayed home and waited for them to arrive home and tell the story. 



We are making chili and I am carrying the cast iron pot we used to hangover a campfire.  Cameron has a stick and marshmallow and is anxiously waiting.


The 2 tents where they slept at the campground and Josh is sitting by the fire waiting for a mountain climb he will never forget.

Below are photo's taken by our son, Roger, who is a professional photographer and avid mountain climber.  Josh has provided his comments for each photograph.


   I was walking down the trail trying to get used to the altitude            I was getting in my tent at the campground just unpacking

   change cause I'm not used to it                                                            my stuff


       This is the Boulder Field where  we camped the first night                  Finally at Boulder Field I was having chicken

       night in climbing Longs Peak.   This is where Aunt Kim                     noodle soup before I went to bed.  Starting to get chilly.

       had to wait while Uncle Roger and I made the rest of

       the climb the next morning.


       I was getting ready for bed until my uncle had to take a                    This was really early in the morning, 4 AM!!  I think I was

       a photo.                                                                                                sleep walking


                   Now I am trying to get to the top of this                     Man I am getting tired!!!!!!!!!  Gotta follow the orange circles

                   rocky hill.


                           A hour has gone by and we are still                              Oh man, I hope I don't fall ....2,000 foot drop off!!!



                                     I was taking a little break after all that walking and climbing.  Nice view......         

                                                                       I AM AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD!!!

                                                                       LONGS PEAK AT 14,259 FEET HIGH

Josh was only 10 years old at the time.................... cms by Netsource One, Inc.