The Disabled Traveler's Companion
The Disabled Traveler's Comapanion



The Disabled Traveler's Companion is opening new avenues of communication for the traveler with a disability. This process will allow individual's to make successful plans for overnight stays before leaving home, by communicating directly with the person making your reservation. Both parties will be able to view the same web site; you will be able to look and ask questions about the room of your choice. And when you arrive there, you'll feel like you've been there before.  Remember, though, there may be someone coming right behind you for the same experience. So if you make a reservation for three nights, and would like to extend your stay, there are a few things you are responsible for:

Check with the front desk and ask them if it would be possible to extend your stay. They will check their reservations to see if someone else has reserved the same room. You may have to occupy another room or stick with your plans to move on. If the room has been reserved, ask them if the room was specifically reserved, for they may be able to move that person to another room if it was not specifically requested.  This way they will have an accessible room and you will be able to extend your stay. But if not, it would only be courteous to vacate the room to allow the next person to have an enjoyable night's stay with the same comfort you have experienced.

Be courteous to the next traveler with a disability. If a person without a disability occupies the room, then the lodge needs to explain to that individual the room is already reserved for a person with a disability, who specifically requested that room.

There aren't solutions for every situation, but logical, courteous procedures can be developed if we all cooperate. cms by Netsource One, Inc.