The Disabled Traveler's Companion

The Disabled Traveler's Comapanion 


Kay Wilmers

is a registered nurse with both hospital and home health care experience. After years of being involved in the daily lives of people in health recovery, she decided to do more to help open doors for people with disabilities who like to travel.

Kay with her nursing background and travel experiences with her husband, sons, and grandsons, decided to pursue the exciting concept of travel for people with disabilities. Her family has traveled throughout the United States, with overnight stays in some very unique places. Their lodgings have ranged from hotels to tents in a campsite in the national parks. Through the years Kay saw changes regarding accessibility ... new laws were being implemented to meet the travel needs of people with disabilities. But she discovered that much of this information was not getting into the hands of the people who could benefit from it the most - travelers with disabilities. Kay found that researching trips and telephone calls to travel locations never gave enough information about whether Ron's functional needs would be met. To address this issue, Kay started "The Disabled Traveler's Companion", a web site company geared toward providing specific information for people with disabilities so they may go where everyone else has gone before. 

Ron has been in a wheelchair since 1977. He has experienced the many changes that have occurred for people with disabilities.  They raised their three sons on a small farm setting in Lapeer, Michigan and now their grandchildren.  Ron has a degree in Mortuary Science from Wayne State University, a Biology degree from University of Michigan-Flint and completed 1 year towards a master's program in Medical Science from Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Roger Wilmers is the oldest son of Ron & Kay and is the photographer for The Disabled Traveler's Companion.  Please go to and view his entire web site.

Kay and Ron Wilmers 

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